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Date: 2016-05-16 05:31 am (UTC)
But still!

But still! Yes. But still!

Can they do even a one TV movie type thing to answer any of them?

I seriously hope that they might, at some point. Just to wrap things up a little. I mean, they won't, probably, but...please? You have these characters, surely you could use them somewhere in the 'verse. Even some Agents of SHIELD flashbacks? Not that I watch AOS, but would look at the flashbacks.

Questions, so many questions!

It makes the most sense to me that Sousa is who Peggy marries. We don't know much of his backstory, but it would fit that he was one of the people Steve freed from the HYDRA facility, and either lost his leg later, or had already lost his leg. They seemed to dance around how he lost it, which made me suspect they were waiting for a Big Reveal moment. There were some lines in Season 2 that made me think we were going to find out. But we didn't.

If it makes you feel any better, in that head canon where I accidentally gave Angie and Bond a daughter, Angie totally makes it on a Broadway and becomes a recognizable, but not super-famous actress who makes a living at it.

If we never learn more about her, I'm just going to assume that she became a big star. Maybe she moved out to LA to live with Peggy, and Howard put her in a movie, and she was totally the MCU version of Katherine Hepburn or something.

When does Howard Stark go from Dominic Cooper to John Slattery?

I have this hilarious image of a tracking shot down a hallway and Dominic Cooper goes through one doorway and John Slattery comes out on the other side.

Peggy: Have your eyes changed colour since this morning?
Howard: Yep. Anyway, check out this thing I built...
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