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We are two episodes away from the conclusion of season 1 of AMC's Preacher and luckily they got renewed for a season 2.

I'd reviewed this show after watching the pilot but now that we're rounding the last lap for season 1, I feel like I should do an updated review since my opinion of this show changed quite a bit.

My brief updated review is that this show got a lot better and held the audience up to a viewing standard that I haven't really experienced since Hannibal to a certain degree.

My longer, spoilery review for episodes 1 - 8 )

All in all, this show has managed to catapault itself from something I was tentatively watching to something I'm looking forward to every Sunday. Here's hoping they finish season 1 strong!
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One thing I've been trying to do before I exit NY is to catch some plays. This one was recommended to me by a friend who knows my love of psychology, science, and angst.

Incognito by Nick Payne (playwright of Constellations) threads three major story lines together about how the human brain and its mysteries both limit us but also connect us in ways we cannot ever predict. The play consists of four actors who play roughly 20 roles between them with each story told in fragments, layered on top of one another, so you skip from story to story with actors changing out of character in what feels like 10 minute chunks. The results are a mixed bag but it doesn't detract from some of the powerful ideas Payne has about what makes us who we are and how we are with others.

The production I saw starred Charlie Cox (yes, Daredevil!), Heather Lind, Morgan Spector, and Geneva Carr.

Vague plot descriptions, no spoilers )
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After seeing this, I'd like to believe that James Corden's daemon would be a binturong. Not because he looks like he'd bite things aggressively but because he looks awesome with one sitting on his shoulder. Emotionally, he'd clearly want a penguin daemon. Plus, Tom Hiddleston plays with a baby leopard.

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I'm now a little sad that I have to wait until August for the next installment. I'm even more sad to learn that this series will only be a quartet because it's a great series.

Below the cut is a non-spoilery review for a book filled with mystery, dinosaurs, platonic partnerships, romantic relationships, and a pretty well-drawn female narrator.
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The New York Times published a really good article about the state of Asian American actors in Hollywood and the persistent cases of whitewashing.

There's a lot to say about how Asians are still a somewhat targeted group for jokes in a way that other races are not. I also firmly believe that some of the negative reactions people are having to Asian Americans taking on a more proactive, vocal stance about this issues are heavily tied into the fact that as a group, Asians are seen as the passive, docile, and quiet. There is direct research that looks at how when groups behave in ways against a stereotype, they are seen as a problem rather than the situation.

Related to the casting of Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange, I thought the best argument someone made about this being a major problem even if we are going to accept that they have turned the character White (which alone is a problem), is that she is still dressed and styled as a Tibetan monk. If she truly is supposed to be a Celtic mystic as stressed by the studios than why a) did they not also move the location to not Asia and b) why is she dressed like the way she's dressed? This to me hits exactly at the problem of cultures being exoticised and appropriated in media.

Anyway, that's my soapbox entry for today!
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I haven't done a book review in a very long time but I just got finished reading this YA novel that I found throughly enjoyable. The most accurate description probably is Sherlock mixed with shades of Elementary and a pinch of the supernatural as it involves the teaming up of an eccentric consultation and a likable female narrator as they investigate the supernatural during the late Victorian era. Don't let the pat description turn you off. It may sound like Sherlock-lite but it's truly a fun read.

Non spoiler review )
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Preacher is the latest comic book to get a on screen adaptation, starring Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun (none of who speak with their native accents).

"Jesus, what kind of preacher are you?" - mild spoilery review )

Random fact: my friend who has a history of randomly meeting actors in real life and never recognizing them, watched this pilot with me. I pointed out to her that Dominic Cooper was that guy she once met whom she was convinced was a waiter just saying he was an actor. She still didn't recognize him.
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Oh come on!

I'm super disappointed there won't be any more episodes. I still have so many questions!
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Thus concludes the Captain America trilogy. The final installment, directed by the Russo Brothers stars literally everyone from the Marvel movies, minus Thor and Bruce Banner. Plus we get Black Panther and Spider-Man. Apologies for the long review. The movie itself was really, REALLY long.

Spoilers )
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I guess I'll just be posting these as I lead up to watching the movie.

Is it weird that I knew the answers to all the questions except for the Chris Evans one? I don't even know how all these random facts came into my head. If I only I could learn materials for my licensing exam as easily as I know actor facts.

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Watch some Avengers play Musical Beers on the Tonight Show. The final round never fails to make me laugh. Also, I get the feeling Scarlett Johanssen would have killed at this game had she been there.

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I figured I should catch up on the last couple of Marvel movies I'd missed to prep myself for Captain America 3: Civil War. And judging by the reviews of Cap 3, it sounds like that was a wise choice since that movie's got a bundle of characters from Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

Age of Ultron, spoilers! )

Ant-Man, spoilers! )
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One thing I wanted to try and do as I start to say a protracted goodbye to New York was to see more shows here. So it was my great luck that a production of The Crucible is currently running here, starring Ben Whishaw, Saiorse Ronan, Sophie Okonedo, and Ciaran Hinds. I saw it last night with a friend and it was great!

Mild spoilers for play )
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This UK-US-CA tri-partnership TV series starring British Stephen Mangan and American Michael Weston (with swapped hair dos!) and Canadian Rebecca Liddiard tells the story of Harry Houdini & Arthur Conan Doyle, crime fighters!

But seriously. It's really that.

No spoilers )
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This is mainly for [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead who wishes somehow she could just watch Foggy and avoid literally everything else. We can all assume Foggy is a good friend and a patient person. So below the cut are more stand out moments for him. I'm pretty sure I did this in proper chronological order.

Spoilers for Season 2 )
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Apparently I'm not done thinking about this show. I can't really help it as I try to rework my fic to account for all the new canon that got dumped down on us.

Below are some of my own personal wishes for season 3. Most of it is about relationships rather than plot. The show can do whatever plot but it'd be great if they can work in my relationship wishlist.

Spoilers for season 2 )
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I managed to finish the 2nd season of Daredevil. Granted, I skipped some action sequences when they went on too long but I'm usually someone who watches stuff for character rather than action. Anyway, below the cut are spoilers that are just some disjointed observations/thoughts.

Spoilers for the entire season )
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Season 2 is almost upon us and with that in mind...

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Daredevil Cast

My main takeaways from this interview were these:

1) The entire cast is so photogenic. Like ridiculously so.

2) They have a pretty clear eye about their characters being difficult people. I mean, of course, I should have just assumed that since they're actors and they probably did some thinking about their characters. But it's always nice to hear that the actors know their characters are largely jerks. I read an interview with Charlie Cox somewhere talking about Matt Murdock and how his main traits were his overwhelmingly huge sense of self-importance, his arrogance that he can and needs to save an entire city, and his general inability to be a good friend to anyone. When I read this, I remember thinking, "Wow, Charlie Cox. You're actually a really good actor because you convey these things so well! And you're so sane about how messed up that is!" For some reason, with this cast in particular, it felt nice to know how different the actors are to their characters. Or rather, how much they don't agree with their characters.

3) Having said the above, tendency to laugh, taking naps, and telling Dad jokes more or less sound like all things Foggy would do so...


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