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I ended up reading the book first and had the audio version play for its 12 hour run while I did a bunch of chores around my apartment.

Below is my non-spoilery brief review.

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Overall, I'd say the book was enjoyable. Not the best thing I've ever read but like the podcast has real moments of truly great humor and heart.
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The Welcome to Night Vale podcast crew has put out a novel!

While I've never been one for audiobooks, I think this might be the first novel where I listen to it before/instead of reading it. Early reviews of the novel seem to suggest that trying to get into the rhythm of the podcast by reading the prose is difficult. This makes sense because sometimes when I read transcripts of the podcast, I often think, "Really? Wait, what?" But when I hear Cecil Baldwin read it, I often think, "Ooohhh...pretty words..." Maybe that's just me being lazy or hoodwinked by a lovely soothing baritone voice. But I don't care. Tiime to purchase the 12+ hour audiobook.
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Fandom Meme Taken from [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead:

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Fic Meme of 2014 taken from [ profile] awanderingbard:

I only wrote three completed fics this year, all set in the MCU-verse with some daemons mixed in.
Be Here
Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (daemon-verse)
Bigger on the Inside (daemon-verse)

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I recently restarted my Netflix account due to them offering a free month and ended up rewatching Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 which I hadn't watched in 20 years.

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joonscribble: (Khoshekh from Night Vale) you know what that means.

Time for me to dive into the Twitter/Instagram vortex again to see how it's going.

As usual there was drinking. By everyone.

Advance warning was given to Canada that Night Vale was arriving. And Canada seemed pretty prepared and welcoming.

There were men in dapper outfits. And at least one man in a pretty outfit.

As well as men enjoying Canada and all it had to offer, nature-wise.
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Even if you don't listen to the Night Vale podcast, you can still really enjoy their funny twitter account that tweets some slightly strange, funny thoughts. Many are twists on familiar adages. Someone decided to put some of the tweets against MCU images/characters.

The results are kind of amusing.

My favorite is the one with Natasha. Mainly because I can actually see her character saying that. And also the one with Tony. You know that's his general philosophy.
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Well, damn. I didn't think they'd cut the episode THERE.

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I ventured back into the Night Vale tag on Tumblr to try and locate a few photos from the live show. But I rapidly had to leave because sadly but not shockingly, some fans have lost their collective minds over something and have taken to Twitter to engage the writers.

Anyway, I was able to find some photos of that one part which had me laughing rather hysterically.

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I just got back from the 2nd year anniversary show. I am now sufficiently deaf from all the screams. It was a pretty awesome show.

Below the cut are no plot spoilers but I do list all the characters who showed up.

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He sounds pretty much exactly the way I imagined. Also, Cecil is behaving pretty well for him and Steve Carlsberg. Sort of.

"Because science is important, STEVE."
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I'm putting my reviews of the latest Hannibal and Night Vale into one post to save some space but also in honor of yet another fandom crossing dream I had last night (damn, I have a lot of these).

I had a dream that actor Cecil Baldwin had been cast in Hannibal to portray Francis Dolarhyde. I remember being very conflicted about it in my dream because on one hand, I was pleased a Night Vale cast member would be on one of my favorite TV shows. On the other hand, I was having trouble picturing Baldwin in the role. Although, it would certainly put Dolarhyde's connection with Reba in a whole new light. If I were blind and had that voice as my main impression, I'd probably fall in love too.

My fancast for Dolarhyde will always be Lee Pace. It's sort of like my fancasting of Mark Gatiss as Aziraphale in that now that it's in my head, I can't get it out. Even if the show actually reaches the Red Dragon era and someone else gets this role, I'll always have Lee Pace in my head. Anyway, onto the reviews...

Spoilers for Sakizuki )

Meanwhile, in a small desert town community, actress Molly C. Quinn (aka Alexis Castle) came to visit.

Spoilers for Numbers )
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I took a look at my saved LJ entries and realized I never finished my review of the last WTNV episode. I think maybe because the content also reminded me that the next chapter for the WTNV fic is at a crucial point and I haven't had any real time to mold it into proper shape. The one thing, interestingly, that I haven't fallen back on are my Elementary reviews. I'm very pleased that this season the show doesn't conflict with my viewing of Hannibal which has been moved to Fridays. Although I sort of wish the times were reversed because I feel like I often leave Elementary viewings feeling like, "Life is full of interesting people and awesomeness!" Then I watch Hannibal and walk away feeling like, "Nope. Just pain and death and misery."

We're only 2 episodes into the 2nd season of Hannibal and already it feels so much darker and much more gruesome than season 1 which is quite a feat considering the murders we got back then. The last episode's opening sequence was particularly awful to watch for me. It wasn't even the most disgusting thing the show has ever given us but something about how it all played out was just terrible. But the show more than drew me back in with everything that followed. I love how now that Will Graham's life is at rock bottom, he's become way more calculating while Hannibal despite all his masterful calculations so far is so enamored with Will that he might not be seeing everything clearly. But I'll ruminate on that a bit more when I do a proper review of the episode.

In other random news and WTNV associations, my friend who started listening to the podcast works in a medical lab and has a coworker named Carlos. She amuses herself on Monday mornings whenever she has to reply to his emails by narrating her response in her head in Cecil's voice.

Me: But the content of your replies isn't a description of how perfect his hair is and how much you love him, right?
Friend: No, of course not, I'm not insane. Also his hair is just average.

Oh No.

Mar. 3rd, 2014 08:41 pm
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A friend of mine started to listen to Welcome to Night Vale of her own accord. She spent a week binge-listening and we got together to listen to the latest episode. Half way through, she randomly said: "Hey, what do you think it'd be like if Aziraphale and Crowley visited Night Vale? They'd probably check out Desert Bluffs too, right?"

Behind her I could see a grape-colored plot bunny peering at me, twitching its adorable little tentacles.

"What have you done?" I whispered to her. "What. Have. You. Done?"
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In case anyone missed it, the admins of DashCon did a Google hangout with actor Cecil Baldwin. Questions posed by fans were asked and there was a lottery drawn for meeting Cecil in person at DashCon. The video is available to watch on youTube HERE.

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And just as a bonus because Mr. Baldwin, I reiterate, is an awesome person. "Go off slowly with me."
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I had a dream not too long ago that involved elements of both fandoms. Luckily, this did NOT spark a crossover fic.

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I hope everyone survived Valentine's Day!

Spoilers for Walk )

Moving onto the live recording...

Spoilers for Condos )
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A new episode of Welcome to Night Vale is coming out as per usual on the 15th. It's called "Walk" and will feature the return of Dana! BUT, on top of the new episode, the live recording of "Condos" from the Brooklyn's Bell House is finally being offered for download. You'll have to pay a whopping $1 though for that episode. Break out your pennies.

Also, today would have been my one day to try and stalk the crew of Elementary and...I forgot to do it. In my defense, New York has been hit with yet another raging snowstorm and after slogging through snow and ice with most of it getting on my face in order to make it to my presentation earlier today, I'd forgotten about the show filming at my school. Actually, the school closed early today due to the weather so I'm not even sure if they came to film or were able to film as part of the location listed was an outdoor location. I guess we'll see when the episode airs!


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