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Okay, major warning that I did not like this outing.

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I sort of hesitate to get that excited until something is more concrete but Martin Freeman hinted at a possible one off episode for Sherlock in between series 3 and 4. 
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There's a Sherlock-themed cafe in China.

It's just a tad obsessive. Mainly because it's less a shrine to Sherlock Holmes and more a shrine to Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. That chalk anime drawing of him is pretty cute, though. 
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My mother watched the other two episodes of Sherlock.

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And thus concludes another season.

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I think it's becoming a trend that I always like the 2nd episodes of Sherlock best.

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While my mother was watching "The Empty Hearse" she made an unintentional slashy comment. If she only knew about Tumblr. Just to make clear, she doesn't slash Sherlock and John. No matter what this show dangles.

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Welcome back, Sherlock!

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It's good to see series 3 finally airing. It's been so long I had to sort of stop myself and remember what was canon and what was fanon I'd either made up or read in fic.
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Thanks for these Buzzfeed.

I'm particularly interested in #14 given the great AU-verse [ profile] awanderingbard has been writing regarding Molly's love life.

Oh, man. I so dread and look forward to this series. I really do.
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I maybe really late to the game on this since I avoid the Tumblr tags related to Sherlock. But Buzzfeed has kindly told me that the BBC released 4 on set images for the 3rd season.

I amused myself for a few minutes thinking of captions for each image.
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I can't draw to save my life. Which feels like a tragedy right now because I really wish I could draw that actor!animal tea party thing [ profile] awanderingbard and I have been randomly circling back to at various moments.

But, if I could commission someone to draw it, I might go with this person on tumblr. She mainly draws Sherlock-related images. Her #not dead art for Sherlock is both hilarious and adorable. The one with John cracking eggs is my favorite.
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An excellent comparison of both shows. I pretty much agree with everything even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Sherlock's Moriarty.

Just a WARNING that the article spoils everything for Sherlock and Elementary.

EDITED: Additional warning, the comments for the article start to get ridiculous. I'd advise skipping those. Just enjoy your shows.
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I googled and Tumblr'd (that was scary) about Sherlock and turned up a couple of things. I'm not sure how spoilery this is. Some clue words have gone out and there has been some confirmation on who will be writing what episode.

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So, I've been a bit absent in the whole Sherlock fandom. School along with the lack of new episodes had me sort of fade out from it. I haven't read the fics that have been appearing in my friends feed and I certainly haven't worked on the two (god, two) WIPs that are still waiting to shrug off their IP status.

But luckily My Friend With Whom I Have A Hobbit Date (I'll call her Hobbit Friend for now. She's very tall so this amuses me) has finally broken down and decided to watch Sherlock. She'd made a vow not to watch any of the episodes until they had all aired (or at least the non-cliffhanger ones because she hates cliffhangers). But at the rate the show's going, it's going to be 2014 before she can catch up. So, I relayed to her aelfgyfu-mead's excellent suggestion of how to watch series 1 and 2.

I've so far sat with Hobbit Friend through the first 2 episodes of series 1 and I'm reminded again of why this show is so damn entertaining (Wake up, Fandom Loving Brain! Wake up!). No surprise to anyone but she adores John. However, she might be one of the few female viewers who is colored completely unimpressed by Sherlock himself. Perhaps it was the hype.

Oh, and as an additional shout out to [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead, Hobbit Friend in the middle of the 2nd episode also wondered aloud where the hell the bathroom was at 221B. ("It has to be somewhere on the 2nd floor, right? But where? Past the kitchen?")
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Taken from [ profile] guardian_chaos:

Choose 5 shows you like before reading the questions!

1. Death in Paradise
2. Sherlock
3. Being Human (UK)
4. Merlin
5. Dirk Gently

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Info Help?

Apr. 2nd, 2012 11:54 am
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While I love thinking and writing about John's life as a soldier, I know next to nothing about how the British army works. Now that I'm trying to write a character from that part of John's past, I realize I can't fudge it anymore. So...

Can anyone direct me to a website or a good google search that can give me some information regarding how the British military service operates? I'm interested in how long on average a person has to be in the army before their service is up (barring injury or dishonorable discharge) and if, like in the States, the British government offers some sort of incentive (such as paying one's higher education) in order to recruit.

My internet searching skills are currently sleeping off my trip to Asia.

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Aaaand another series completed!

Short, non-spoilery review: holy hell, that was tense. In a good way!

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