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Better late than never! Some mild spoilers for Agent Carter, Elementary, Daredevil, and Hannibal below the cut.

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Since the show is cancelled, I figured this was my last chance to do daemons for this show. In my research for animals that could be related to these characters, I was reminded that the animal kingdom can be an extremely weird place. I might do Jack Crawford and the Scientists Three at a later time.

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I know not many (if any) on my flist watch this show regularly, but THE MIDSEASON FINALE.

Spoilers for midseason finale )

Bring on the Red Dragon. Early footage of Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde looks incredible.
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After three seasons, NBC's Hannibal has been cancelled.

There's some noise being made about if the show will get picked up by another station or even Amazon. I'm not going to hold out too much hope as this has never worked out for any show I've liked. I'm really sad that it's ending as it's remained one of my favorite shows to date. However, it does make sense to me that they might end the story here as Fuller and Co. don't have rights to anyone from Silence of the Lambs and that was the next logical storyline the show was running into.

Season 3 so far hasn't been as gripping for me as the first two seasons but I'm ridiculously excited for the Red Dragon storyline so here's hoping it'll go out with a bang!
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Whether or not you watch NBC's Hannibal, you have to admit this photoset of the actors posing with their Funko Pop doll counterparts is pretty damn cute. Well, Alana doesn't get one but she looks happy enough with Funko!Wendigo.

I just love Mads Mikkelsen's photo. I know I shouldn't find that photo so endearing but I love the way the dolls are peeking out.
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I haven't been reviewing this show at all really this season but that had more to do with my utter awe of it rather than me falling away from it. Plus, not many on my flist watch it so there probably wouldn't be much discussion going on. However, I had to post something about the finale because it was incredible. Very different from last season but clearly a complete game changer for what we'll encounter next season.

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Okay, I haven't even attempted to write reviews of the Hannibal episodes because I just don't have the time. But this episode felt like the penultimate episode to some sort of game-changing episode so I had some thoughts. Also, the show's shifted gears it seems by introducing to us another set of canon characters.

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Or rather, Mads Mikkelsen and Scott Thompson.

I always LOVE how cheerful the cast of Hannibal is despite the show's gruesome set up. Their discussion of how wee Hugh Dancy is is kind of incredible.

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I'm putting my reviews of the latest Hannibal and Night Vale into one post to save some space but also in honor of yet another fandom crossing dream I had last night (damn, I have a lot of these).

I had a dream that actor Cecil Baldwin had been cast in Hannibal to portray Francis Dolarhyde. I remember being very conflicted about it in my dream because on one hand, I was pleased a Night Vale cast member would be on one of my favorite TV shows. On the other hand, I was having trouble picturing Baldwin in the role. Although, it would certainly put Dolarhyde's connection with Reba in a whole new light. If I were blind and had that voice as my main impression, I'd probably fall in love too.

My fancast for Dolarhyde will always be Lee Pace. It's sort of like my fancasting of Mark Gatiss as Aziraphale in that now that it's in my head, I can't get it out. Even if the show actually reaches the Red Dragon era and someone else gets this role, I'll always have Lee Pace in my head. Anyway, onto the reviews...

Spoilers for Sakizuki )

Meanwhile, in a small desert town community, actress Molly C. Quinn (aka Alexis Castle) came to visit.

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I took a look at my saved LJ entries and realized I never finished my review of the last WTNV episode. I think maybe because the content also reminded me that the next chapter for the WTNV fic is at a crucial point and I haven't had any real time to mold it into proper shape. The one thing, interestingly, that I haven't fallen back on are my Elementary reviews. I'm very pleased that this season the show doesn't conflict with my viewing of Hannibal which has been moved to Fridays. Although I sort of wish the times were reversed because I feel like I often leave Elementary viewings feeling like, "Life is full of interesting people and awesomeness!" Then I watch Hannibal and walk away feeling like, "Nope. Just pain and death and misery."

We're only 2 episodes into the 2nd season of Hannibal and already it feels so much darker and much more gruesome than season 1 which is quite a feat considering the murders we got back then. The last episode's opening sequence was particularly awful to watch for me. It wasn't even the most disgusting thing the show has ever given us but something about how it all played out was just terrible. But the show more than drew me back in with everything that followed. I love how now that Will Graham's life is at rock bottom, he's become way more calculating while Hannibal despite all his masterful calculations so far is so enamored with Will that he might not be seeing everything clearly. But I'll ruminate on that a bit more when I do a proper review of the episode.

In other random news and WTNV associations, my friend who started listening to the podcast works in a medical lab and has a coworker named Carlos. She amuses herself on Monday mornings whenever she has to reply to his emails by narrating her response in her head in Cecil's voice.

Me: But the content of your replies isn't a description of how perfect his hair is and how much you love him, right?
Friend: No, of course not, I'm not insane. Also his hair is just average.
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I have no one to blame but myself: I read a spoiler regarding the future direction of Hannibal and I'm already wailing in denial.

Sure, maybe the spoiler isn't true but it makes too much sense and the show has already hinted at it.

SPOILERS for future episodes...which may not be true but may totally be true )
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The most visually arresting, gruesome show is back for a second season!

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Feb. 24th, 2014 01:58 pm
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Hannibal merchandise is heading our way.

Okay, a part of me does want various items from Hannibal Lecter's office. Those letter openers? That side table? Gorgeous. But honestly, if I ever entered someone's house who had similar items from Hannibal's house or if I met someone who dressed like him, I'd totally run away in fear. Are they also going to feature Will Graham's plaid shirts or Alana Bloom's glorious coats? 
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The second course is nearly upon us!

I don't have that much time right now so I can't lovingly put up every single teaser we've gotten for the 2nd season of Hannibal. But people should go and youTube it. It's pretty obvious we're in for a gloriously beautiful, sick ride which is everything we can expect from this show.

To my utter teeth gnashing, I won't be home on the 28th to watch the premiere in real time. So I'll just have to avoid the Internet until I get home later and watch it which is a shame since I almost wanted to liveblog this one. Still, every fan with a working TV should try and watch it in real time as I have a feeling like last season, this show will always struggle with ratings given the content.
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I had a dream not too long ago that involved elements of both fandoms. Luckily, this did NOT spark a crossover fic.

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Resurrected after being originally taken from [ profile] dustlines:

Choose 5 shows you like before reading the questions!

1. Elementary
2. Hannibal
3. Welcome to Night Vale
4. Teen Wolf
5. Whitechapel

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With every new article or footage I see, my frenzy for season 2 of Hannibal just gets more intense.

Spoilers for casting news )
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The new trailer for the 2nd season of Hannibal is up! Warning: as it is a trailer for Hannibal expect lots of disturbing imagery.

Spoilers for the trailer )
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You can view both clips HERE.

The DVD comes out in a week!

It's almost strange to see Hugh Dancy smiling.
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Hannibal the show may be the darkest, most disturbing thing on TV. But the cast and crew behind it are rather hilarious and lovely. Plus, they know how to interact with fans.

This flower crown thing has really taken off. Scroll down to see the checklist!

And on a completely unrelated note, Tom Hiddleston will be taking over for Benedict Cumberbatch in Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak. Cumberbatch would rather explore the Amazon and never return.

That makes two gothic, horror-esque films for Hiddleston. I'm really excited for Only Lovers Left Alive. I'm usually bored to tears by vampire films but I'm curious to see Jim Jarmusch's spin on it. And while the title is a bit lame, Crimson Peak is a ghost story set in England so I'm obviously going to see that one.


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