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I figured I should catch up on the last couple of Marvel movies I'd missed to prep myself for Captain America 3: Civil War. And judging by the reviews of Cap 3, it sounds like that was a wise choice since that movie's got a bundle of characters from Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

Age of Ultron, spoilers! )

Ant-Man, spoilers! )
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In a failed attempt to combine the styles of Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes film series with BBC's Sherlock, the movie manages to dump all the elements that could have made this an engrossing story about how as humans we deal with the notion of death.

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It's a very, very brief review as I don't have too much to say about the latest Bond installment. I liked watching it and it had loads of fun scenes bracketed by loads of boring scenes. So for me it was a typical Bond film.

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For Halloween, I watched Crimson Peak starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Jessica Chastain as it seemed like a good spooky holiday film.

My very brief, non-spoilery report is that this is not really a horror film. Rather, it's a film that has ghosts in it but if you're someone who tends to avoid horror movies, have no fear. This film really, truly, is not that scary. It has a couple of gruesome moments but the majority of it features a lot of gothic tropes and actors sporting hair that is not their own.

Slightly spoilery review )

In the end, if you're a fan of any of the main actors and/or love gothic stories, go see this movie. Don't be afraid of getting scared. It's seriously not that scary and just close your eyes for the two gory scenes in the movie. For anyone hoping for a lot of twists and turns in their movie plot, BEWARE OF CRIMSON PEAK.
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This is less of a review and more of a warning, I guess. While I doubt anyone on my flist is running to see this movie or even really knows about it, it's being marketed as a stoner version of the Bourne Identity. But if you're going in thinking it's going to be a light comedy, it's really, really not. It's actually weirdly upsetting in parts to the point where I couldn't even laugh at the more comedy bits.

The premise is that Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg) is a stoner-slacker type who works at a mini-mart and lives with his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) in the middle of nowhere. But it turns out that he's a sleeper agent for the CIA who gets activated when the program he was part of gets shut down and all remaining agents are to be terminated.

Mild spoilers )
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As a single person in her mid-30s, this movie's satire about what society does to single people of a certain age speaks to me. Also, hello, Ben Whishaw!

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My recently watching The Double re-ignited my love of watching Richard Ayoade give interviews. Below are some clips from interviews he gave while on the press tour for the movie. As always, Ayoade's dry, irreverant humor is at its best. There's the added bonus of Jesse Eisenberg in some of these interviews trying and failing to not laugh while Ayoade talks.

Richard Ayoade with his cast, being realistic about who'd watch the movie and his very difficult stars.

Richard Ayoade makes fun of Robert Redford politely.

He does it again less politely this time. I feel like he'll never be invited back to Sundance again now.

And finally him really actually talking about the movie seriously.
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Based on the Fyodor Dostoevsky novella, the second film directed by Richard Ayoade tells the story of Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg) whose unremarkable life takes an unsettling turn when he meets his double, James Simon (also Eisenberg).

Short review: I really enjoyed this movie. A lot. I love Ayoade's visual sensibility and some of the frames in this film were gorgeous. However, I also recognize that the movie won't be to everyone's taste as it's a black comedy that focuses much more on the black and the very bleakly surreal. I want people to see it because I want Ayoade to make another movie but I feel the need to warn that some will find the pacing slow and the material potentially depressing (it's based on a Dostoevsky novella after all). The poster for this movie which I have above is a pretty good summary of the film itself: darkly beautiful images but very bleak. And did I mention bleak?
Longer, non-spoilery review )

EDIT: Even if you don't watch the movie, you can watch this 3 minute clip of an interview with Ayoade and Eisenberg about the film. Only because it really shows you in a nutshell that Ayoade is such that he'll always make brilliant things that probably will always be niche.
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Short review: if you're a fan of the actors or the director or at the very least find the actors fun to look at, you might like this movie. If you're someone looking for a good plot or a lighthearted spy film or a fond homage to the original show, best keep moving.

I'm a fan of the original TV series this movie is based on but I went in with full expectations that it wouldn't be a very faithful adaptation. I was both right and wrong. But if there's anything this movie did for me, it fired up my nostalgia for the old series and I've broken out my DVDs to start from Season 1.

No spoilers, longer review )

ADDENDUM: I had mentioned previously that I have a hard time remembering what Henry Cavill looks like. After two hours of this movie I felt like I had a pretty good idea. And then I saw a video of him being interviewed for this movie and nope. Not a clue.

Also, thanks to this movie I found out Armie Hammer is a staggering 6 foot 5. Damn.
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The gang's all back to give us the movie we all wanted in the first Magic Mike.

I can't say spoilers because this movie had no plot )
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Five canon moments that turned a casual fandom into a hardcore fandom for you.

While I'm not involved in the fandom that exists for this movie, this is probably my oldest and longest lasting fannish love. And I recently watched the films again so I give you: Ghostbusters. I only did the first movie because I couldn't whittle down both films into 5 top scenes.

Spoilers for Ghostbusters 1 )

On a slightly related note, I'm curious how the three of them met each other. As a child, I think I assumed they all knew each other through sharing an office space at the university but the three of them most likely got there already as a set. I then assumed that it was Ray who knew Peter and Egon separately through work and brought them all together. But I recently read in Sholly Fisch's novel (which isn't canon but it feels close enough) that Egon and Peter are childhood friends. If this is true, I want to know how far back in childhood we're talking about. Like college childhood friends or grade school childhood friends? College feels more likely but I can also very easily see a 6 year old Egon trying to test if Pop Rocks and Coke really do cause explosions while a 6 year old Peter sells tickets to the other kids to watch the experiment.
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I've been following with some passive interest the new Ghostbusters that's going to be coming out soon. I hesitate to call this Ghostbusters 3 since the film will be set in a completely different universe than the original films. I'm sort of happy that's the case as it'll preserve the magnificence of the originals. But I'm also a little sad that the original actors who are still with us won't be making any appearances as their original characters. Dan Ackroyd has confirmed that he's doing a cameo but it won't be as Ray Stantz which feels a bit odd. Still, I'm looking forward to the new, all female Ghostbusters as the cast looks pretty amazing. Also, having Chris Hemsworth as the Janine in this movie is a stroke of genius.

They recently filmed in my hometown and the urge was strong for me to check it out but thoughts of parking nightmares and huge, unruly crowds put me off. It was probably a good thing in the end since someone did in fact die from injuries sustained on set. Yikes.
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I was never that attached to the franchise but since it was ending I felt like I should complete the trilogy.

Some spoilers )
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I may have cried a little at Big Hero 6. I seriously don't know what's happening to me. The movie is SO good, though.

Along with it being an entertaining film, it's also a film that matched the races of the voice actors with the characters. I'm pretty sure Hiro and Tadashi Hamada are supposed to be half Japanese, half White and the film cast Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney, respectively who are both half Asian and half White.

And Baymax is adorable. I want one.
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I might have teared up a little while watching the Paddington movie.

Okay, fine. I teared up a lot. I'm getting soft in my older age.

I like to think that Ben Whishaw mo-capped being the bear because the bear was adorable and I could weirdly see Whishaw doing all the motions.
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The film adaptation of Sondheim's musical starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden and Anna Kendrick.

Into the woods, then out of the woods and home before dark! )
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I'm still on vacation with my family so my Internet access is somewhat spotty. I'm behind on listening to the Good Omens radio play as a result as well as reading a bunch of fic. But I did get a chance to finally see the last installment of The Hobbit. The fact that I saw it in theaters with my mother added to the fun because as always, she had a few comments.

Spoilers )
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This short film starring Dominic Cooper and Jodie Whittaker has since been made into a feature length film with a recast of Charlie Cox as Carter.

The short is 12 minutes and I really loved it. The acting, the cinematography, the dialogue. It's everything I'd want in a short film and packs in quite a lot.

Spoilers for the short )
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Which is revealed HERE along with the current cast.

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A biopic about Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician and cryptologist starring Benedict Cumerbath, Kiera Knightly, Charles Dance, and Matthew Goode.

No spoilers for the film but info about Turing's life )


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