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Taken from somewhere:

Five Three characters from your fandoms you disliked at first, but then grew to like quite a bit.

I failed because I could only do three. I guess I tend to be pretty unwavering in my opinions.

Mild spoilers for Torchwood, Daredevil, and Elementary )
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Better late than never! Some mild spoilers for Agent Carter, Elementary, Daredevil, and Hannibal below the cut.

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I've really fallen behind in reviewing these episodes. The combination of my full time internship, dissertation, and applying for postdoc positions basically means it's a win if I even get to watch the episodes in a timely fashion.


I did want to just quickly comment that the latest episode ("The Games Underfoot"), featured one of the best Sherlock and Joan sequence ever. There needs to be some sort of follow up fic with the two of them playing video games. Or having to go to some arcade on a case and Sherlock just hating every second of it.

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Sherlock solves a B plot mystery in the latest Elementary episode thanks to some squirrel monkeys. REALLY NOW, SHOW?? It would have only been better if they had an actual squirrel monkey in the episode.

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I decided to put my reviews of both episodes in one post because I'm already falling behind in writing about these. Not because I haven't enjoyed this season so far but my schedule has gotten increasingly hectic. Plus, these two episodes tie into each other pretty nicely so it makes some sense to review them next to each other. In any case, onward! There be spoilers under the cuts.

The Past is Parent )

Evidence of Things Not Seen )
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In the recent season premiere of Elementary, Sherlock found a stuffed squirrel he'd been looking for. Thanks to this random tidbit, I now have a non-photoshopped image of JLM's Sherlock with a squirrel.

Sherlock & Sid )

Way to kick up my crossover-happy writer's brain, show. Bra-freaking-vo.

In related news, my review for the premiere will be up soonish.
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I've done an OTP meme for two OC characters. That's right. My brain has gone there. I've done a meme for two characters that are straight from my imagination. Granted, one of them is the child of two existing fictional characters but still. It's good to see my mind does things like this when it's taking a break from dissertationing. I might need some help.

The Couple Playing: Winnifred 'Winnie' Watson-Barnes & Elliot Solarin

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Because why not? Plus, this whole Elementary/Captain America crossover-verse I've got stuck in my head thanks to the creation of Joan and Bucky's daughter had me imagining how all the daemons would interact.

Sherlock Holmes & Sidika )

Joan Watson & Ziyad )
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Here's an interview with executive producer Rob Doherty on the finale and what we will see in season 4. Warning: the article completely spoils the finale.

Thoughts on article and finale (spoilers) )
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Remember when Elementary used to conclude seasons with nice things like Sherlock and Joan watching a new species of bee on their roof? Yeah.

Spoilers )

On a somewhat related note, one of the character crossover memes I did asked me to imagine what Bucky Barnes and Joan Watson's daughter would be like. At first I laughed at the idea of those two having a kid since the last time I tried to picture two characters played by Sebastian Stan and Lucy Liu interacting, they were TJ Hammond and Joan. But then my brain really started to build a crossover world where this could happen and how it would play out. The meme even further helped by asking a question about how Joan might plausibly fit into the MCU. My brain went to places. I now have what feels like a complete profile of Joan and Bucky's daughter from child to adult and I have no idea what to do with it. So thanks memes. And thanks Elementary. Thanks to your finale, I feel the need to return to my happy crossover world of cute half Asian kids and their huge extended families.
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Humorous subtle acting makes this a winning episode for me. Although I wish the mystery involving Everyone had been more engrossing.

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Sherlock does some very good peopling in this episode.

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This episode was rather lighthearted until it wasn't.

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Kitty gets her own case in this one! And the one that I found way more interesting than the main one about the plant guy.

Spoilers )
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For whatever reason, the mystery of this one I found so boring, it took me about three tries to get through the episode itself. Even after that, I'm still not a 100% certain what was going on.

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Fandom Meme Taken from [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead:

Cut for leeeeennnngggthhhh )

Fic Meme of 2014 taken from [ profile] awanderingbard:

I only wrote three completed fics this year, all set in the MCU-verse with some daemons mixed in.
Be Here
Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (daemon-verse)
Bigger on the Inside (daemon-verse)

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