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Since the show is cancelled, I figured this was my last chance to do daemons for this show. In my research for animals that could be related to these characters, I was reminded that the animal kingdom can be an extremely weird place. I might do Jack Crawford and the Scientists Three at a later time.

Hannibal Lecter & Ragna )

Will Graham & Kazuko )

Alana Bloom & Arash )

Bedelia Du Maurier & Daedalus )
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Because why not? Plus, this whole Elementary/Captain America crossover-verse I've got stuck in my head thanks to the creation of Joan and Bucky's daughter had me imagining how all the daemons would interact.

Sherlock Holmes & Sidika )

Joan Watson & Ziyad )
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[ profile] awanderingbard did a nice set of daemons for this meme which got me all inspired. I decided to do some Marvel ones as well. I did some villains and some "villains."

Arnim Zola & Acantha )

Johann Fennhoff & Tajana )

Howard Stark & Dejeni )

Bucky Barnes & Shessida )
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[ profile] awanderingbard and I have put together a pretty comprehensive list of daemons for the characters of Agent Carter.

Hers for Angie, Sousa, Dooley, Jarvis and Anna Jarvis can be found HERE.

My previous ones for Peggy, Howard, and Zola are HERE.

Below the cut are two more for Jack Thompson and Dr. Johann Fennhoff aka Dr. Ivchenko.

Daemons! )
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It's more of a surprise that it took me this long to give the Elementary crew daemons. I haven't done Kitty yet because I don't quite feel like we have enough information on her history and character just yet.

Read more... )

A large part of me wants to do Hannibal now as daemons. Will this ever end?
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While this probably won't figure into the next MCU fic I put out, I did spend some time creating a daemon for Maria Stark since I'd made one for Howard and [ profile] awanderingbard created a brilliant one for Tony.

The Stark Family )
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Behold what happens when I geek/procrastinate all over the place.

I've only done three characters who appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mainly because [ profile] awanderingbard already has excellent daemons for Steve and Natasha and I can't improve on perfection. And I also need more time to hunt down proper images for the rest in my mind. I had rather a lot of fun imaging what this film would look like if all the characters did indeed have their daemons with them. And by fun I also mean it got angsty and sad in parts.

Spoilers for the characters in the film )


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