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Okay, I JUST found out there was an exclusive scene in the DVD for the 5th and last series of Being Human that sort of....yeah. For anyone who watched the finale and remembered what happened, you might want to watch THIS.

I don't know. A part of me feels like this is deeply unfair since there won't be any more of the series. NOT FAIR, WHITHOUSE, DAMN YOU!

As a side note, props to Damian Molony for staying so well in character as Hal. I loved how he casually wiped his phone after Tom used it.
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Still fresh in my heart were the cancellations of Merlin as well as the UK's Being Human. However, it pleases me to know that while the shows may be gone, the actors won't be long away from my viewing pleasure.

Alum of Merlin:
Colin Morgan is currently on stage at the RSC starring as Ariel in The Tempest. Also starring Roger Allam!! But for anyone who won't be able to catch it, he will soon be guest starring in Gabriel Byrne's new series, Quirke.

Katie McGrath is staying strong to her horror/fantasy roots with the new Dracula series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Anthony Head (whom we last heard in the fabulous Neverwhere radio play) is returning to his WB roots (sort of) with this CW series. And also keeping his foot in fantasy with a role in the new Percy Jackson movie.

Alum of Being Human:
Damian Molony will be guest starring in the 2nd season of Ripper Street. I about died when I heard.

Michael Socha is sticking with the fantasy genre and moving across the pond with a role in a spinoff.

Extra Alum News:
Doctor Who still exists but no longer in David Tennant form. With that in mind, David Tennant is slated to guest star in Hannibal. I flailed a little when I heard this. And gasped in shock a little when I heard that Tennant nearly got the titular role. I can totally picture him as Will Graham but never in a billion years can I picture him as Hannibal Lecter. So wise choices, all around.
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And so it ended.

MAJOR Spoilers for everything )

And farewell, Being Human. I still remember when I watched the pilot for the first time 5 years ago and getting completely hooked onto the series. It started out as a cozy little show about a werewolf, vampire, and ghost trying to be human together. And while the show evolved and morphed into something else entirely, it finished with the same lovely writing and endearing characters as when it began. Best of luck to all the former and current cast members on future projects!
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Today the last episode of Being Human will air. Ever. The end. Forever. And ever. The last one.

I'll be the one quietly crying in the corner.
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I'm so not ready to say goodbye to this show.

Mild Spoilers )

Unless the last episode gives us a slew of flashbacks and quickfire scenes, I'm going to have to make a list of things we never got to see on Being Human.
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Wow, I'm chatty tonight on LJ.

I realized I didn't review last week's episode but that was largely because I found it somewhat underwhelming. Perhaps it was because we didn't have Captain Hatch. But this week's makes up for all of that.

Spoilers )
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I was randomly rewatching the first episode of series 5 today when a line Hal said suddenly made me have a bunch of thoughts.

Below the cut is Hal's line and a discussion/speculation of the current main villain with reference to the past series of the show. I don't get into specific plots we've seen so far in series 5. much all of this is a spoiler, you can decide.

Why must this show end? )
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Hal: I've never been bad at anything in my life.

UH, I beg to differ, Hal. You've been bad and you are bad at plenty of things.

Spoilers )
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NO! So soon after Merlin?! This is so cruel!!

HERE is the official announcement. There are mild spoilers for the current season.

HERE is show creator Toby Whithouse on the cancellation. There are spoilers in there for seasons past.

Seriously, what am I going to do now? I'm running out of British shows to watch that air with some sort of regularity.
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Welcome back, beloved show! *HUGS*

Spoilers )
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The new season of the UK Being Human is going to start next week!

Read some SPOILERS and character descriptions for what's coming HERE.

I'm extremely excited for what's in store for the new cast this go around.
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It's been fairly quiet on the Being Human front. But recently there's been some news of what's coming up on the next season.

The two articles spoil for who will be guest starring and a couple of new characters. No solid spoilers on what will be happening to our core vampire, werewolf, and ghost trio.

I'm a little saddened that the BBC has cut the number of episodes down back to 6. But I hold out hope that Whithouse and his team will make the most of what they're given.

My wishlist for series 5 - no spoilers for actual series 5 )
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Russell Tovey's new film sounds ridiculous and so perfectly suited for him. I really hope it comes to the States.

And just because I found it amusing, Damien Molony's latest tweet (yes, I follow him on Twitter):
To the dentist. The annual fang-sharpening and cleaning... How am I going to explain the red stains?

I amuse myself with the idea that the Old Hal would have just eaten the dentist after his cleaning while the New Hal would probably not be able to even find a dentist whose hygiene practice would be good enough for him.
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Taken from [ profile] guardian_chaos:

Choose 5 shows you like before reading the questions!

1. Death in Paradise
2. Sherlock
3. Being Human (UK)
4. Merlin
5. Dirk Gently

Questions! )

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My Olympic abilities at procrastination had me reading some bits of information about the future of Being Human. During this "research" (what a fancy term!), I found out random facts about Hal, the show's latest vampire in the house.

Below the cut are a few factoids and me rambling about them. There's nothing spoilery about season 4 in terms of plot.

Hal Facts )
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And thus it happened.

Spoilers )

In short, another very, very satisfying season. I'm so pleased we'll be getting more!
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As always for this show, the penultimate episode for the season does not disappoint in the build up department.

Spoilers )
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And episode which really featured THE AWKWARD.

Also, we get Amanda Abbington!

Spoilers )
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Ah, here's a familiar face.

Spoilers )

Next week, more headlines!
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My deepest thanks to James Lance for giving me nightmares for at least a week.

Spoilers )

Also, if you're in the mood for some bonus features involving this episode, here's a deleted scene between Hal and Annie.


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