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Oh come on!

I'm super disappointed there won't be any more episodes. I still have so many questions!
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Welcome back, Agent Carter! Below is my somewhat disjointed recap and reaction to the episodes (I'm feeling a little sick so my thoughts are jumbled).

Spoilers for the 2 hour premiere )
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If you haven't been watching the Dubsmash battle happening between Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy) and Agents of SHIELD (a chunk of the cast but mainly Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg), you're missing out on something.

Here's a sample from Peggy and Jarvis.

And one from Coulson and Skye. Later they stepped it up a notch. You get the feeling Coulson's donned that outfit before when being all dreamy about Steve.

But then Peggy and Jarvis got some assistance.

And then they celebrated. Well, at least two of them did.
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The cast list for Cap 3 is growing like crazy. There are certain additions that make sense (like Scarlett Johanssen, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie). But there are others that are a bit surprising.

Onto some exciting news, Agent Carter will be coming back!
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[ profile] awanderingbard did a nice set of daemons for this meme which got me all inspired. I decided to do some Marvel ones as well. I did some villains and some "villains."

Arnim Zola & Acantha )

Johann Fennhoff & Tajana )

Howard Stark & Dejeni )

Bucky Barnes & Shessida )
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[ profile] awanderingbard and I have put together a pretty comprehensive list of daemons for the characters of Agent Carter.

Hers for Angie, Sousa, Dooley, Jarvis and Anna Jarvis can be found HERE.

My previous ones for Peggy, Howard, and Zola are HERE.

Below the cut are two more for Jack Thompson and Dr. Johann Fennhoff aka Dr. Ivchenko.

Daemons! )
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Here's an article that talks a bit about the cameo we saw in the finale for Agent Carter and the writers connecting it back to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Spoilers for article & finale )
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I really hope this show comes back but if it doesn't, I feel like I can say it was a legitimately perfect show in its eight episodes.

Spoilers )
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The penultimate episode was amazing.

Spoilers )
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Recognition proves to be a double edged sword for Peggy.

Spoilers )
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FINALLY Peggy Carter gets a legit mission!

My viewing of this episode was fragmented due to the news periodically interrupting to report on a train crash just outside of New York. However, I think I got most of it.

Spoilers )
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Again, my feelings were all over the place with this one.

Spoilers )
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So many emotions during this episode!

Spoilers )
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The 7 part miniseries about Peggy Carter has finally arrived!

Spoilers )


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