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I managed to finish the 2nd season of Daredevil. Granted, I skipped some action sequences when they went on too long but I'm usually someone who watches stuff for character rather than action. Anyway, below the cut are spoilers that are just some disjointed observations/thoughts.

1) The season had a distinct 2 part feel for me with the first half being about the Punisher and the 2nd focusing in on Elektra. While the Punisher didn't get dropped by any means, the role he played in the show shifted a lot after Elektra came on the scene and helped Matt set his civilian life on fire.

2) Oh, Matt Murdock. The only thing that saved me from completely dumping this show and him after a certain point was the fact that FINALLY Karen and Foggy started calling him on his bullshit with little mercy. I liked that as much as Karen and Foggy shouted at him, they were true adults when they had to deal with Matt later and were just more...removed.

3) Let's start with Karen. The whole Matt/Karen thing lasted about two episodes before it died a choked death (maybe). It was really bad timing that just as the two of them started down that road was literally when Elektra popped back up. I was so with Karen that she deserved a truthful answer and no one was giving it to her and finally she just became fed up. I liked that she didn't give Matt a chance to explain anything at the courthouse and later on rejected his offer of protection because he no longer has a right to say anything about what she's doing. Granted, he got to save her anyway as Daredevil but still.

4) And now, RIP Nelson & Murdock. So, all of last season and most of this season really, I wanted Foggy to call it quits and find better friends. However, I was still sad when he actually did it. Although, I think even as he confronted Matt about shutting down their practice, he was willing to try and work on their friendship until Matt kind of detonated the entire thing and encouraged Foggy to move on. And even then, I think Foggy might have made some gesture similar to what he did last season of seeking Matt out at the boxing place if it hadn't been for Matt never coming to see him at the hospital. To me that was kind of Foggy's turning point when he realized he couldn't count on Matt for much, professional or otherwise. Their last scene together in their empty offices felt like the literal last chance for some kind of movement toward reconciliation but it didn't happen. Mainly because Matt needed Foggy to essentially make the first move again and Foggy didn't because he couldn't keep being the one to try first anymore. His calm delivery of how he was relieved when Matt didn't try to convince him to give it all another shot felt honest and sad in a deep bruise kind of way. And I'm going to guess by the look on Matt's face that he heard Foggy's heartbeat and knew it was't a lie. I'd like to think that their friendship can be salvaged but clearly both of them need to be slightly different people before that can happen. With that in mind...

5) I liked that this season we were reminded of why Foggy got his law degree at Columbia. He's actually a really good lawyer. It was nice to see him display that and finally grow into his confidence that he's good at his job and has more to offer than being someone's support system. I'm hoping he'll make an appearance in Jessica Jones now that he's over at Hogarth's office. It also feels necessary that Foggy be his own person for awhile. Kind of the way I think Matt needs to experience not having Foggy around to actually evaluate if he values having Foggy, specifically, in his life. Although, I'm going to guess the reason for Nelson & Murdock being reunited will largely be due to Fisk trying to murder Foggy and Matt trying to stop that in his usual blundering way.

6) Claire was the brilliant voice of reason this season. Her laying out to Matt what he's doing with this One Man Alone bullshit was great because it wasn't fueled by anger or any personal stake. She just called it as she saw it. For one flickering moment I thought maybe she had made some headway with him on the rooftop and I actually felt my last bit of goodwill toward Matt as he is now snap when he decided to stay on the roof rather than go downstairs with her to be a human being and visit Foggy. Claire is a nice example of self care, at least in this universe. She's removing herself now completely from this situation with Matt and his vortex of violence by quitting and moving on. Godspeed, Claire. I hope she'll somehow be around in future seasons of Marvel shows, but I want to believe she'd do it on her terms.

7) Elektra delivered my favorite line of the show: "You can't mask that ass." Indeed, not. Anyway, I enjoyed the flashbacks with her and Matt as it demonstrated that Matt has always been problematic. Even before he did this vigilante stuff. Elektra herself felt like a compelling character that didn't get her full moment in the sun because her character was used to further Matt's dilemmas which I get since the show is about him, not her. I was disappointed for about 10 minutes that they'd killed her off but of course this Marvel so...see you soon, Elektra?

8) Frank Castle aka the Punisher was great. The acting was great, what he pulled from other characters was great. And his unexpected chemistry with Karen was great. I don't know if I ship them but their scenes were some of the best for me. Although, I found myself laughing at the absurdity of the Punisher giving Karen life advice in a cafe when he inquired about her and Matt. I mean...what he said made sense but at the same time I did not want Karen taking relationship tips from him. Karen, go with your gut. Do not re-engage with Matt "My Life Is a Tire Fire" Murdock. But...

9) Matt does finally tell her the truth. Sadly, we'll have to wait until season 3 (if there is one) for any kind of reaction from her other than shock. I felt a bit mixed about this reveal. On one hand, Matt finally did the right thing but it came so late in the game that I no longer know if it's the right thing. I also didn't know why he was telling her. Is it because Elektra is gone and so he's back to her or he still feels like on some level he needs an anchor? I really don't want him to go through with her what basically happened with Foggy that she's put in a position to worry nonstop about him but can't do anything because MATT WON'T LISTEN. Although now that she knows, maybe she can start a support group with her, Claire and Foggy.

10) Marci!! I'm glad she was in this season. Although, her hospital scene with Foggy kind of ruined my oneshot that I was writing. The show actually did the scenario I was writing about and now I feel like I need to redo it to fit the canon. Why? BECAUSE I ACTUALLY MADE MATT A BETTER FRIEND IN MY STORY. I was so naive.
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